Core Mentoring Skills Series presents

Collin Irish

LAMP/FRAP Workshop:
Origin, Evolution, and Meaning of a BTM Core Mentoring Principle

Led by Boys To Men Senior Mentor/Facilitator

Collin Irish

Saturday August 26th, 2023
4:00pm-6:00pm Mountain Time
via Zoom

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What are "LAMP" and "FRAP"?

“LAMP and FRAP” are acronyms for the “do’s and don’ts” of mentoring:

  • Do (LAMP): “Listen, Accept, Model, Praise”
  • Don’t (FRAP): and “Fix, Rescue, Advise, Project”


This workshop is a great opportunity for both new and experienced mentors to:

  • Explore the origin, evolution, and meaning of one of our most important core youth mentoring principles.
  • Connect with our growing national community of youth mentors.


Taken together, these principles form a powerful framework for building trust, generating mutual respect, empowering youth, and supporting development of the mature masculine.

About the Instructor

Boys To Men USA is very pleased to have Collin Irish lead this LAMP/FRAP Training.  Collin has been dedicated to youth mentoring and related work in the Denver area since 2003.  He has served as leader in eleven Boys To Men or equivalent communities, has organized and facilitated over 200 JGroups, and has witnessed over 200 boys become Boys To Men Journeymen (“J-men”).

A deeply thoughtful and innovative leader, Collin’s community service continues to expand the reach and impact of youth mentoring programs in the Denver area. He has created a year-long emotional literacy program for youth, and has adapted mythopoetic men’s movement material (storytelling) into youth training protocols. 

Collin’s passion for writing extends to science fiction; in 2019, he won the first place Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Gold Rush Literary Award for his work, Clockwork Crow.  

At his day gig, Collin continues his 28-year career in aerospace engineering, and lives with his wife and teen daughter while his former J-man son attends college at University of Colorado Boulder. 

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