When you become a Boys to Men USA Sponsor, you stand up for our future.  You declare your support for our nation’s youth, our community, and our shared future.


The most effective way to help our organization is by donating directly. These funds are used to grow our organization and effect positive change in our local communities.

Contact Congress

Federal mentoring funds are at risk.  Contact your representatives in our nation’s capital and tell them to protect our mentoring resources: 

Be a Mentor

“It is one of the most important things I have ever done in my life”

— David

Group Mentors are the backbone of our organization. If you have a calling to support our youth and have been looking for a way to be of service, go to our connect page to see if there is a center near you!


Volunteers come in all shapes and sizes.  Boys to Men USA needs your gifts.  Whether you want to join our national board of directors or sit in weekly circles with boys in your community – it all adds up.  Every role is important.  Our youth are waiting for us to show up in their lives.  Are you ready?

Start a BTM Center

Boys to Men has found the best practice in creating a center is through council leadership. If you would like to start a BTM center in your community, please contact us to secure a place in the development roster. Here are some things to consider:

  • Do you have a collection of adults who can form a council that may constitute board members, mentors and stakeholders?

  • Do you have contact with schools or organizations who are looking for mentoring?

  • Can you identify potential funding sources?

Contact our national office and, depending on the readiness of your community, you may be able to begin providing youth a powerful resource for their healthy development.