Our vision is to advance the future of our communities by preparing every young man for adulthood.

We believe that group mentorship plays an integral role in preparing young men for their future.


Our mission is to recruit, train and support communities of adult mentors who are committed to improving the lives and futures of young men


Boys to Men USA is a 501c3 not-for-profit group mentoring organization. We are comprised of a network of centers in 16 cities across the United States. Boys to Men USA guides and assists emerging and existing centers to create and sustain communities of trained group mentors who support youth during a critical time in human development. Our proven method of group mentoring through in-school/site-based programs, adventure outings, and adventure weekends provide youth the inner resources to navigate a successful life. We believe all youth deserve the chance to become the person they want to be. The direct results are enhanced relationships, increased school performance, family connections, and positive contributions to the life of our communities.

About our program

Research shows that a boy’s relationship with his family and community has a huge impact on his self-esteem. Boys to Men provides boys across the country with an opportunity to address and rebuild their relationships so they can embark on the journey to manhood free of addiction and violence.

By encouraging connection, responsibility, and awareness, Boys to Men mentors help the youth in our program to build stronger, more supportive relationships through shared experience and community-building activities. Our organization aims to increase self-confidence by providing leadership opportunities where the boys learn the value of facing internal and external challenges on the path to manhood. Through these activities, boys learn to celebrate their successes and overcome their difficulties. They learn from their mentors and one another in a safe and open environment.

Our program provides a safe environment for boys to share their hopes and fears. Through the group meetings and the Adventure Weekends boys learn from the mentors, one another, and themselves. They are given the tools to construct an identity based on respect, compassion, and accountability so they can embark on the path to manhood unencumbered.

We know this program makes a difference. Independent research shows that boys in our program are less likely to drop out of school or succumb to addiction or violence. Boys in our program show increased self-confidence and goal-oriented motivation. They are more likely to become active contributing community members and prioritize family relationships.

Our organization wants to see boys grow into men who are good for the community, good for their families, and good for themselves.